How news analysis can improve your media monitoring

Why your corporate communications must include media monitoring

When people ask about the value of media monitoring for corporate communications I tell them about our experience giving PR agencies the tools needed to help their clients follow and analyze news coverage of their brands in Latin America

The question we recommend they focus on is: If all you do is monitor the media what are your clients missing?

A typical corporate communications media monitoring campaign can produce hundreds of stories and broadcasts identified daily using the client’s keywords. The problem is, corporate communications teams don’t have the local language skills or sufficient knowledge of media in the region to decide what coverage matters and what coverage to focus on for strategic insights to inform c-suite decision making.

The Easy Part

Monitoring the media is the easy part. Computers armed with the client’s keywords—such as their brand name or the names of their competitors–will flag all the media coverage in a specific market automatically, including press, radio, TV and web. A robust media monitoring service will even rate the coverage as positive or negative and it costs literally pennies per day!

The Hard Part

The problem is, media monitoring alone doesn’t separate out the most important news coverage results from the chatter.

Plus, AI alone won’t tell your client what news coverage matters!

Moreover, important the news most important for c-suite decision making gets buried deep below the headlines where AI doesn’t always go.

Let’s face it, a corporate communications team focused on following the media doesn’t have time to review the more than 350+ stories/broadcast clips a typical media monitoring campaign produces EVERY DAY!

The Challenge

Which local, regional and national media outlets are the most credible in your markets in Latin America? Does your media list include the most influential media voices? What about blogs and media outlets not found on Google?

What journalists and influencers should you pay attention to? Of the hundreds and hundreds of daily results a typical media monitoring campaign produces, how is your client going to possibly pick out the most important coverage?

Problem Solved

At Latin Media Monitor we deploy veteran bilingual journalists living in Latin America tell your public relations customersexactly which of their media monitoring results are worth paying attention to– and what news coverage their corporate relations team should focus on.

Our news coverage analysis finds the most important information in your media monitoring results and presents it to yourcorporate communications team in daily summaries executives come to depend upon for actionable insights.

The Bottom Line

What is your media monitoring missing? How can a PR agency offer its clients media monitoring that is the most powerful on the market?

At Latin Media Monitor, we’ve proven time and again news coverage analysis is an essential component of successful media monitoring.

Without it, a public relation agency’s client may miss critical information their corporate communications team needs to make the right decisions.

At Latin Media Monitor, we’re excited to work with major PR companies and corporate communications teams doing business in Latin America in 2024!

Get started at or speak with our CEO Mark Browne directly at +1 617 524 8600 or via WhatsApp at +52 55 1341 3631.

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Mark Browne CEO | Senior News Analyst
Mark A. Browne is a professional journalist, marketing writer and media analyst with experience providing media monitoring and news coverage analysis services for some of the largest advertising agencies, PR firms and media outlets in the United States and Europe.

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