Media monitoring

Our monitoring processes ensure you see the most important coverage of your brand using AI and speech recognition technology. Our experienced news analysts dig into your monitoring results to find actionable insights to guide your marketing and positioning decision making.

Assemble the most comprehensive media lists for  your monitoring processes including local, regional and specialized media.

Monitor television and radio, including cable TV and local broadcasts not available outside the region.

Our clipping service ensures you see print-only news not available on the internet.

Our monitoring tools include metrics for audience size and equivalent advertising value.

Online dashboard of your results available anywhere includes downloadable audio clips and video clips of broadcast news soverage and images of print-only news coverage.

Our multi-lingual news experts compile daily reports of the most important coverage with analysis.

Receive data on the audience size viewing your coverage for better public relations placement and planning.

Identify and follow coverage of your public relations releases and events.

Calculate the return on investment of your advertising and public relations campaigns.

Select keywords that allow you to monitor industry events and news coverage of competing brands.


Find out how media monitoring can inform your brand strategy and positioning.