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for your media monitoring services

Follow digital, print and specialty publications

Our monitoring services follow major media outlets—including new content behind paywalls--as well as the most influential bloggers and specialty publications. We also monitor industry and specialty news sites and publications so you see coverage of your industry and competitors.

Find out what’s being said on television and radio

Our monitoring services of television and radio are performed both by computer (voice-to-text technology) and humans so you see and hear everything that’s being said on the air about your brand. Delivery of media monitoring results includes video and audio clips of mentions of your brand.

Make sure you see print-only news

News of your brand can often occur in print-only publications not available on the web. Our media monitoring services include a clipping service that sends you a PDF image of the printed page containing the article.

Media monitoring + Analysis

Stay focused on the most important news of your brand and industry for better positioning and decision making. Our expert analysts review media monitoring results daily to ensure you’re on top of events and gain actionable insights from your monitoring results.

Pick the right keywords

Computerized searches for keywords drive 90% of media monitoring, so you want to be sure you have the right keyword strategy so you see the most relevant coverage.

Read beyond the headlines

Our multi-lingual expert analysts read beyond the headlines, digging deep into coverage of your brand so you get actionable insights.

Understand more with meta-data

We give you the metadata behind news coverage of your brand, so you can see the audience size and potential reach per brand mention, the equivalent advertising value, the tone of the coverage and the news category.

Monitor your competition

We tailor your monitoring campaign to cover news of key competitors and important market developments to put you on top of your market.

Focus on the important

A typical media monitoring campaign can produce hundreds of results every day. Our analysts review all your brand news and prepare a daily summary so you see the most important results and skip the chatter.

Download results to your desktop

We provide multiple ways for seeing your monitoring results and meta data daily. Access them online or via email. Download them into Word or Excel. Or you can receive media monitoring results via FTP or by RSS feed.

Find out how media monitoring can inform your brand strategy and positioning.