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Public relations, media monitoring and AI: Finding the perfect match

Clients often ask us to tell them who the most influential media outlets are in Mexico. Most public relations agencies and corporate communications managers already know the answer. They purchase media monitoring services to follow brand news for their clients.

The problem is, most media monitoring is powered by artificial intelligence. But AI has flaws and cannot distinguish the most important news coverage from the chatter.

An imperfect match

AI is great at finding a keyword such as your brand name, needed to identify the news coverage that contains it.

But what do you do with the tidal wave of results that pop up each day?

How does a public relations agency filter results to get to the most important news coverage?

AI & Media Monitoring

If you ask chatGPT to tell you the most influential media outlets in Mexico you get a very unsatisfactory answer. It’s another example why AI-driven media monitoring tools—no matter how robust—aren’t usually enough to identify the information most useful for strategic decision making.

According to ChatGPT, the top two most influential media outlets in Mexico are Televisa and TV Azteca. But for those of us living and working in the region, we know these two outlets are among the most disrespected. In fact, they’re more entertainment- than news-oriented.

If you ask ChatGPT who the most influential journalists are in Mexico you get a better answer. Artificial intelligence is good at naming influential journalists—but it’s not so good at telling you when what they say is important–and most of all why.

What is Your Media Monitoring Missing?

We live at the dawn of a new age of AI productivity.

But knowing the limits of AI is the key to getting the most out of your media monitoring.

AI is great at sweeping the internet for all of the stories and news coverage pertaining to your brand.

But it doesn’t have the ability to actually read the coverage, filter out the most important news coverage pertaining to market shifts, emerging trends, changing regulations, and numerous other competitive and strategic factors.

Analysis is the Answer

The key to getting the most out of your media monitoring is analysis—and not by computer.

In my experience as a media monitoring professional and news analysts in Latin America I have seen PR agencies rise to the top by providing media monitoring for their clients that truly excels by giving clients actionable insights for business strategy.

Only news analysis performed by experienced professionals can flag key voices and critical news coverage at the local, regional and national level.

What you get news coverage insights for better decision making.

Multi-lingual Media Analysis

At Latin Media Monitor we provide multi-lingual news analysts based in the region. And we’re excited to work in 2024 with public relations professionals and corporate communications internationally who know media monitoring takes a lot more than AI to provide valuable insights for clients.

Learn more about we help public relations agencies and corporate communications with the best media monitoring. Call our CEO Mark A. Browne today at +617 524 8600 or visit us on LinkedIn.


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Mark Browne CEO | Senior News Analyst
Mark A. Browne is a professional journalist, marketing writer and media analyst with experience providing media monitoring and news coverage analysis services for some of the largest advertising agencies, PR firms and media outlets in the United States and Europe.

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