Mexico media monitoring EV industry

Lightweight electric car turns local inventor into media sensation

Mexican inventor Fernando Ocaña’s new lightweight electric car has caught the attention of multiple media outlets in Mexico, including Forbes Mexico. According to reports, the car has a mini-price, too, and weighs way less than the average Tesla. Ocaña has worked with Volvo, Saab, Opel and McLaren. His car, dubbed the “VEU light-cab,” is designed to solve many of the problems facing the uptake of EVs in Mexico, including the sticker shock of current models being produced by industry giants like Tesla. “How can we get the middle and low-income demographic to be included in climate change mitigation strategies? With ultra-light cars,” Ocaña said in an interview. Another key advantage of Ocaña’s automotive invention: the VEU light-cab’s battery uses less lithium.

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