China automaker DFSK to launch four new models in Mexico

China automaker DFSK launches in the Mexico market

China automaker DFSK (Dongfeng Sokon Automobile) is preparing to launch four new EV and hybrid model autos this year in Mexico. Pricing has  yet to be announced. The automaker will sell the autos through the Motornation network of distributors. DFSK’s four-cylinder EG hybrid SUV has a range of 87km on one electricity charge alone. News of the automaker’s plans appeared on the Motopasion website. American automakers have reacted with alarm to the success of Chinese automakers at penetrating the Mexico market with low-cost vehicles. China auto exports grew by 75% worldwide in the first half of 2023, according to reporting by Forbes Mexico. China automaker models made up 20% of all car sales in Mexico from January to October of 2023, Bloomberg said. Most of the auto exports by China to Mexico beat other brands on price, Bloomberg reported. Volkswagen, a traditionally popular car brand in Mexico has seen its market share worldwide under pressure from Chinese manufacturers. “China is on its way to becoming an automotive superpower,” Fabian Piontek, automotive expert at AlixPartners, told DW. Tthe era of record profits for German automakers is coming to an end.” China now surpasses Japan as the largest auto exporter in the world, reports the Mexico City daily newspaper El Universal.

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